Common car rental terms and conditions.

If you are planning to rent cars in any part of the world, one of the things you should know is that there are always terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled in case you want to rent any car.

Here are some of the common car rental terms and conditions:


During the car rental experience, there is always an agreement on the number of kilometers that you will use the car for a day and if you exceed that mileage, each extra kilometer is always charged.

Therefore if you are planning to hire the car, be ready to know the acceptable mileage per day to see if your journey will fall into that category and if that is not the case ,many car rental companies are always willing to adjust the mileage depending on many factors.

Driving license.

Anywhere around the world, for you to be allowed to be behind the wheels, you must have a valid driving permit. This works for drivers. If you want to hire the cars with a driver, you don’t need a driving license.

Car rental start date.

You must be sure of when you will need to hire the car. Most people are not fully aware of when they might need the car,  that is vague, you need to be sure and will help to book.

Remember these cars are mostly on the first come first serve basis. Travelers who book in advance always have some assurance of getting the car they want.

Car rental end date.

The car rental end date is essential because since some agencies have many clients, that same client could be already reserved for someone else and this is why it is necessary to know the end date.

Rules governing extensions.

Most travelers always extend their car rental period for so many factors. You should be aware of what happens when you intend to extend your car rental duration.

Age of the driver.

For some luxury cars, age is always involved especially if the client would like to hire the car without a driver. There is a certain age which is acceptable to drive certain luxury cars and this reduces so many risks. Drivers below 25 years find it hard to rent luxury cars in some countries.

Understand the price per day.

Each car has its rate per day. You must be able to agree on that price. You are likely to have the best car rental experience by knowing several terms and conditions related to hiring cars. Always ask the car rental agencies about the terms and conditions.

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